WhatsApp is a popular messaging app owned by Facebook is now having about more than 1.5billion active users worldwide. The new features are added to WhatsApp from time to time. The WhatsApp beta users get access to these features exclusively before the actual public release of the build.

Though there are many users of this app, there are some features and tricks that users aren’t aware of. So, let us have a look at some of the top features of WhatsApp which can enhance your experience with the app.

1. Dark Mode for WhatsApp.

The dark mode for Whatsapp has been awaited feature for a long time and finally, they bought it at the end of 2019.

How to enable this feature

Get into Settings >>  Chats >>Theme >>Dark/Light.

2. Enable/Disable auto-download files.

Users often share images, videos, and other documents over WhatsApp. By default, the auto-download is turned on and the files are automatically downloaded when connected to the internet.

You can disable the option by going in to 

Settings>>Data and Storage Usage>> Media-auto-download.

3. Hide files received in Whatsapp from being visible in Gallery.

The images or videos received in the WhatsApp chats are visible in the phone’s gallery. You can hide those files from showing up in the gallery by getting into chat profile>>Media visibility>> Yes/No.

4.Knowing the Privacy & Security Features.

You can restrict who can see your details such as last seen, Profile photo, bio/about, who can add you to groups, Live Location.

Usually, women should be more cautious about these settings.

You can get into these Settings >> Account >>Privacy.

5. Add Fingerprint lock to Whatsapp

This is the best way to secure your chats and information. With this, only the people whose fingerprints are registered can get access to this app.

You need to ensure that your phone is having the lock enabled.

Enable the fingerprint lock by getting into Settings >> Account >> privacy>> Finger print lock.

6. Read Whatsapp messages without giving Blue Ticks.

There are multiple ways you can do this

  • This is the easiest way you can do so. You can read the messages from the notification panel itself. You can also tap on extend notification to read multiple messages.
  • Turn on airplane mode on your device and read the messages and further remove the app from the recent apps and turn off the airplane mode.
  • Turning off Reading receipts

This is the option available in settings that disable the blue ticks. You can disable the blue ticks by getting into Settings>>Account>>Privacy>>Read receipts (uncheck the box).

7. Unsend Messages.

This feature was added in late 2017. this allows users to delete the messages they have sent for both the users.

But this works only if the messages sent are within 60 minutes.

The users will get a prompt stating “You deleted this message”.

8. Pin the conversations.

You can have the chats that you message too often right at the top.You can pin the chats and they always appear at the top even if they have messages or not.

Note that you can pin only about 3 chats at the top.

To pin chats. Long press on the chat and select Pin option

9.Star Messages.

You can kind of save the chats for easy access later when you need it. You can save the message by long-press the message >> star (at the top).

Further, you can access all the starred messages at the right top corner (Three dots) >> Starred Messages.

10.Archive Messages.

You can hide the chats using the archive option.

Just long-press the conversation and select the Archive button on the top. This particular chat will now disappear from the list. You can access it by scrolling to the bottom.

11. Check Message Info

You can check whether messages are delivered, Time it delivered, and time the person read the message.

Long press the message you want to check for and click at the “i” button at the top.

12. Formatting The message Font, boldness.

Just long-press the portion of text you wish to format after typing it in the message input field. Select the text and you will get the option as shown. Now you will get the option to change the format to bold, strikethrough, or italics. You can also ‘Monospace’ option to change the font.


You can also manually do it by 


  • *ABC* = ABC
  • _ABC_ = ABC
  • ~ABC~ = ABC(strike through)

whatsapp text format

13. Backing up data to google drive.

Backing up WhatsApp data on Google drive gives you a convenient way to restore your chat messages and media when you switch your phone or reinstall WhatsApp.

Go to Settings>> Chat>> Chat Backup. From here you can select how frequently WhatsApp should backup your data to Google drive (Daily, Weekly, Monthy, When you Tap Backup or never).

14.Whatsapp Stickers.

There are a lot of stickers available on Whatsapp.You can also download stickers via third-party applications available on the play store.

The sticker packs are downloaded and added to WhatsApp.

15.Picture-in-Picture mode.

The shared Youtube videos and Sharechat videos can be viewed without being redirected to the browser or the respective application.

YouTube videos were supported fromlong time whereas WhatsApp has added support for ShareChat videos in it’s recent updates.

This allows the user to simultaneously chat while watching the video.

16.Mute Chats and Statuses.

  • There are a lot of useless groups which are usually annoying.
  • You can mute the group notifications for a period or even forever.
  • There is no limit for muting the groups or chats.

17.Forwarded- Tag

There is a tag for the messages that are been forwarded from the other chats.

This allows the users to verify that the message is been sent by the user themselves or was sent by some other people.

18.Forward Messages.

  • There is a limit to forward a message to a maximum of 5 users at a time.
  • If you want to send the message to more than 5 people you can repeat the process many times.

19.New Sticker Animation.


Recently, WhatsApp has implemented a new type of animation for animated stickers, looping them at most 8 times. Long animated stickers (so animated stickers having a lot of frames) will loop fewer times.

20.Group Video Calls


The newest version of Whatsapp can support up to 8 users at a time to join the video calls

These are the Top 20 features of WhatsApp in 2020.

WhatsApp is also looking forward to bring UPI payments through the app but the Reserve Bank of India have denied some permissions and may get delayed.It was testing this feature in Brazil.

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