C language can be considered as a predecessor to many programming languages like C++, C#, Java, PHP etc. These languages have drawn their control structures and basic features from C. C language is still used in applications which implement basic machine instructions. For example, it is used in assembly language programs. C also helps you understand the internal architecture of a computer, how a computer stores and retrieves information. It also makes it easier for you to learn languages like C++, Java and Python.So it is very important for coders to learn C.

How is C different from programming languages like C++, Java and Python?

C language follows procedural paradigm while Java, C++ and Python follow object-oriented paradigm. In procedural paradigm, the focus is breaking the program into variables, data structures and sub-programs while in OOP paradigm, the program is divided into objects that expose behaviour.


  • The number of topics covered in C tutorial offered by javatpoint is remarkable.
  • It is recommended for beginners to learn C from scratch and coders in C who need to revise.


  • Geeksforgeeks C tutorial is recommended if you want to revise and jot down the textbook like concepts in C.
  • This tutorial provides many questions and answers to each subtopic in C by which you will be able to understand that subtopic deeply.
  • It is recommended to follow a textbook like tutorial and geeksforgeeks tutorial simulataneously. This tutorial is also very useful if you are facing a C language interviews!


learn c
  • This tutorial covers all the important topics in C and it also provides an online compiler where you can directly code in the website.
  • The site also provides various C programs that will be very helping in the learning process.


  • Compared to other tutorials, this tutorial is short in the number of topics covered. If you feel overwhelmed by above tutorials, I would recommend you to start with this tutorial, complete the covered topics and then learn from the other sites.
  • It also provides an introductory lecture on how to install Turbo C++ onto your computer. Turbo C++ is a tool in which you can code C/C++ programs.


  • This tutorial also covers all important topics in C language. Main advantage of this site is that it provides an interactive tool to practice C language in the website.

There are other sites on the Internet like tutorialspoint, learncprogramming etc. But they just didn’t make our list. The most important and consistent thing you need to do to learn any programming language is to code. So, follow one of these C tutorials mentioned above, install an IDE like Turbo C++ or Visual Studio Code and start coding in C. Happy Learning!


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