As known PUBG mobile is currently the most popular live multiplayer game on the internet. It’s an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation a South Korean video game company BlueHole. The true experience of the game is when you have high-speed internet connectivity along with a suitable device.
We know that the game goes smoothly when the ping is low and too laggy and choppy when the ping is high.


So what is this Ping?

Ping is not only in PUBG, it exists in every online game you play.
When you invoke any action in an online game the action has to reach the server and hit back to your device. So the interval between the action to hit server and back is ping. This usually happens in milliseconds (ms) when you have good internet but when the internet becomes slow or inactive the time taken for the action and response increases which results in high ping which makes the game lag.
This article will help you to reduce ping in your mobile or emulator and have a clean experience of the game.

1. Check your internet connection speed.

This is the primary aspect to reduce the ping in PUBG mobile. Check your speed online using speed test services and connect to the network having high speed. Even if connecting to the fast network you may experience a bit lag in the game because the players online are in huge numbers and the server you connected becomes slow.

2. Connect to the nearest server.

Normally you would have 4-5 servers in your list named North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. By default, the users will be connected to the nearest server.

In India, the Asia server comes with the lowest ping compared to the servers in other countries. Sometimes you may have less ping in other servers, connecting to it gives you smooth gameplay but you will get foreign players and the stats will differ with the server. The ping with the servers also varies with the time you play the game.

3. Enable Wi-Fi extreme mode.

If you are playing PUBG on WiFi with a good internet connection and still ping is extremely high then you may have to manually adjust the WiFi settings. Open the Settings page and go to WiFi.Look for “Advanced” or “Additional Settings”.

Now, navigate through the Traffic mode and change it to “Extreme Mode”. It re-routes all network resources to the current application which will eventually offer lower ping.

4. Disabling Auto-sync and background usage of data.

Some apps synchronize the data to the cloud when connected to the internet without prompting the user. This may cause a slowdown of the internet for PUBG mobile.
You can disable auto-sync by navigating through Settings>Accounts&Sync>Auto-sync data. Remember to enable synchronization after the gameplay to sync and update your important data to the cloud.

5. Remove unwanted applications and stop the auto-update of applications on PlayStore.

Remove the apps which are not used frequently and which constantly run in background consuming the data.
When connected to a Wi-Fi the play store starts updating the applications which are pending to be updated. Cancelling the update for a while can help you dedicate your data to Gaming.

6. Use the Gaming mode available in your device.

The brands these days know that gamers mostly use the smartphone to play games anywhere anytime, so they provide some special features inside smartphones, like Gaming Mode or Game Booster. OnePlus users can enable gaming mode under Settings > Utilities > Gaming Mode

Xiaomi Users will find Game Turbo under the Mi Security app.
If your smartphone does not have any preinstalled gaming mode, then you can install any app from the play store.

The Gaming mode helps in many ways, it not only restricts the background data sync and usage but also kill many tasks running in the background. It enhances the overall performance of the smartphone and gives you lower ping and lag-free gameplay.

7. Remove all recent apps.

Having too many apps in the background while playing the game not only reduces the ram available but also continuously uses the data in the background making it insufficient for gaming needs.
So clearing the recent apps fixes ram, overheating issues and makes your gaming experience seamless.

8. Disconnect the other devices connected to the same wifi.

Connecting too many devices to the wifi will reduce the bandwidth of the network. You may increase the bandwidth of the wifi or disconnect other devices that are not in use.

9. Repair PUBG Mobile

The last method to fix the ping is to repair the PUBG Mobile game itself. Sometimes, the configuration file of the game gets corrupted or may not be properly installed, which makes the network conditions untenable. In such a situation, repair PUBG Mobile application by logging out your account from the game and by tapping on the repair button.
You may also completely uninstall and install the application if things still don’t go in the right way.

10. The only chance left.

The last and only way to get good ping is to change your Wi-Fi router or change your Network Carrier… :D,

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