Almost, every personal computer gets a connection from a nearby server, connecting to a router with a cable, and the wires in our rooms looks odd right?

Can you connect Wi-Fi for PC without cable wires?

Yes you can!!

Every electronic gadget is becoming updated these days, likewise need for cable connection is also disappearing.

As technology advances, there’s an ever-increasing number of approaches to pursue rapid high Internet access without having to pay for cable wires to get Wi-Fi Connection.


The 3 easy ways to get Wi-Fi for your PC without any Cables are:-

1.USB Wi-Fi Adapter

2.PCI Wi-Fi card

3.PCI eWi-Fi Adapter

What is a Wireless Adapter?

Computer user connects to the Internet from practically any room to connect to a wireless network, computer or device must have a wireless adapter whether it is external or internal. The most commonly used external option which we have is a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

USB Wi-Fi Adapters:-

This adapter turns your home into an abode of Wi-Fi coverage. It comes with a antenna, which is used to increase the range of wireless receiver. And also antenna can be rotated to get more Internet coverage.

Installing a USB Wi-Fi Adapter :-

•             The wireless USB adapter comes with a mini CD containing the driver for your device.

•             You can also download the driver from online site(from which you have bought the USB).

•             Place the USB in the port,the USB Stick is Compact.

•             Place the CD in the Slot and install the drivers.

•             Follow the directions given in the guidance manual.

•             Once the installation is complete you’re going to get prompted to restart your PC and you can just restart it right away.

•             After you restart your PC, you’ll come across the wireless capability has been added and you can connect to the Internet.

PCI(Peripheral Component Interconnect) express Wi-Fi Card:-

PCI e Wi-Fi cards are better than USB adapter.Uses for PCI adapters include adding a wireless access to a PC without any cable connection.This card is connected internally.

source-Google images

Installing a PCI Wi-Fi card into the Computer :-

•             Firstly,Shut down the Computer.

•             Detach all the cables attached to your computer.

•             Open your Computer’s case.

•             Also remember, never work on a PC while it still has Power running to it.

•             It is important to be careful while handling the hardware components inside your computer’s case.

•             Identify an available PCI Slot.

•             If the PCI Slot has a plate, unscrew it.

•             Insert the card into the PCI Slot, taking care to align it correctly.

•             Push the card into the slot, confirm that it is fixed properly.

•             Insert and tighten the screw that holds the card in the fixed place.

•             Put the cover back on the computer, replace the cables and turn on the Computer.

•             When your computer boots up and your desktop appears window, a pop up notification will appear on the system screen. Stating that your machine has found new hardware if asked insert the CD that came with your PCI Card, the CD will run through installing the relevant Sofware.

•             Your PC is now installed to make sure it is working correctly go to your desktop locate that my network places icon.

•             Move the mouse to properties by clicking, the left mouse button a new window opens displaying a icon called wireless network Connection, this means your WiFi card has been successfully added to the list of accessible network Connections.

PCI(Peripheral Component Interconnect) express Wi-Fi Adapters :-

PCI express wireless network adapters can create or enhance the way your PC Connect to the Internet. Since it is  stuffed with 2 or 3 Antennas it gives long range Signals, Internet connection without any interruption and better performance.The adapter must be connected internally.

Installing a PCI e Wi-Fi Adapter into the Computer :-

•             To setup download the latest version from the website (the site you bought PCI e Wifi adapter).

•             This is also the best resource to find out what OS version which an adapter may be Compatible.

•             Once downloaded you’ll need to power down your PC and remove the power port.

•             As mentioned before, never work on a PC while it still has Power running to it.

•             Now open your PC’s case usually by removing a side panel and find the slot to fix adapter.

•             Remove the back cover and install the card by firmly pressing it into the expansion slot.

•             Reattach a Side panel and put the power cord back.

•             Now power on your PC once computer is powered back up look for the downloaded driver and install it.

•             After you complete installation, restart the PC. Once your PC has powered back up you can now connect to your wireless network and enjoy your Product.

To Conclude :-

I have to confess that I learned a lot on this article during the study. Here installing a USB Wi-Fi adapter is easier than any other installation. But, for wide range of internet connectivity you must choose either PCI Wi-Fi adapter or PCI e WIFI Card. Installing PCI Wi-Fi Adapter or PCI e Wi-Fi Card is not difficult if you follow the steps correctly. We can also connect Mobile Hotspots or Dongles to our PC or laptop but Internet Speed will be Slower than the above Shown Adapters.

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