Ever since the ban of PUB-G (PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds) in India, 100 million PUB-G mobile players are searching for an alternative battle royale game. Soon after the ban of PUB-G, Indian actor Akshay Kumar released a statement in Twitter which said that as part of supporting Narendra Modi’s AtmaNirbhar movement, he proudly presented Fearless And United-Guards (FAU-G). He said that as part of the game, the players will also learn about the sacrifices of Indian soldiers. He claimed that 20% of the net revenue will be donated to BharatkeVeer Trust. Since Akshay Kumar’s statement, public’s interest in creators of FAU-G i.e. nCore Games has skyrocketed and the public’s anticipation for FAU-G is only increasing every new day.

Creators Of FAU-G:

FAU-G is the brainchild of Bangalore based gaming company, nCore games.


nCore Games is led by Vishal Gondal and Dayanidhi MG. Vishal Gondal is a very popular name in Indian gaming industry since 1998, when he established IndiaGames which created games for PCs, mobiles, PDAs and handheld gaming devices.

It was acquired by UTV software in 2012 which is now part of Walt Disney. Dayanidhi MG is the CEO of nCore games and Ganesh Hande is the COO of nCore games. Both of them were a part of Digital Chocolates in the past and they co-founded nCore games in 2019. nCore games has partnered with other popular gaming companies like Rovio and Super Evil Megacorp. nCore was part of Rovio’s flagship game Angry Birds classic and Super Evil Megacorp’s Vainglory.

FAU-G is being designed and developed by the team of 25 gaming developers at nCore. Akshay Kumar is a mentor to nCore games in the creation of FAU-G.

All copyrights and intellectual property related to FAU-G is owned by nCore.

Is FAU-G similar to PUB-G?

Most people are assuming that FAU-G is an Indian version of PUB-G. But this may not be entirely true. As Akshay Kumar mentioned in his statement, FAU-G will bring focus to many hardships faced by Indian soldiers.

PUB-G is a battle royale game. A battle royale game is a genre of video gaming which blends exploration, survival, scavenging elements of survival with last-man-standing gameplay. FAU-G game’s initial release is going to be a third-person action game.

Without battle royale, what’s FAU-G about?

In the first release of FAU-G, the game is going to depict the events that occurred during the violent clash between at Galwan Valley started between Indian Army and soldiers of China on the night of June 15. Twenty Indian soldiers died in this China-India skirmish. The developers knew that no one would enact the enemy in this scenario, which is why they are creating a third-person experience. But they are creating single-player and multiplayer modes.

PUB-G features players searching for weapons on an island before battle royale. But FAU-G is going to have a third person brawler mode and the gaming experience revolves around hand-to-hand combat, brawler mechanics, melee weapons and exploration via guided maps.

Release Date Of FAU-G :

Most people assumed that FAU-G game’s development started only after PUB-G ban in India. Contrast to this rumour, the truth is the development started in May 2020 and nCore planned to release the game by August 15,2020. But due to complex nature of gaming development, the release date had to be pushed further. Recently, nCore games announced that FAU-G release would be in October 2020. nCore games has two other games in the pipeline. One game related to cricket and another game related to music. It is yet to be seen whether nCore games will be able to create FAU-G in such a way that it will satisfy PUB-G fans. Let’s hope that FAU-G will be the first among many games developed by Indian gaming developers to receive mass acclaim in India.


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