All the keynotes and highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2020

This year the Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) was a bit unique as it was for the first time Apple had streamed it’s conference online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
But there’s nothing to stop and Apple had made some huge announcements and changes in its software and a bit in hardware.

Apple Introduced its new version of its operating system macOS Big Sur.

The new macOS has introduced a beautiful complete redesign yet familiar and also announced a big update to Safari browser and some enhancements to Messages, Maps and privacy.

Why its a biggest update?

macOS Big Sur has a completely renewed its design since the introduction of the MacOS X, it had made the navigation and controls a lot easier for the users. The customisable menu bar features an all-new Control Center, delivering quick access to controls from the desktop. The notification centre has been updated to an interactive manner and widgets come in different sizes with the most relevant information to the user. And a new design for core apps brings more organisation to multiple open windows and makes interacting with apps even easier.

Safari update

Apple said this update was the big one since the launch of the Safari browser in 2003. The Tabs have been completely redesigned and displaying favicons by default to make navigation easier and identify the tabs. It also gives a quick preview of the web page by simply hovering on the tab. Users can customise the new start page with a background image and sections like their Reading List and iCloud Tabs. Safari can convert the entire webpage into 7 different languages with a built-in-translation with a click.

Messages update.

Users can now pin their favourite conversations to the top of their messages list and can now set a photo or an emoji for their group conversation that’s shared with all members of the group.

Introduction of the new version to its iPhone operating system iOS 14

Coming to the phones Apple introduced its new version of the iPhone operating system iOS 14. The new version of the OS has introduced a major change in its home screen and also added PIP.

Apple has finally introduced Widgets to its device. The new widgets present timely information at a glance and can be pinned in different sizes on any Home Screen page. Users can add widgets to the home screen from the Widget Gallery.

App library has been introduced which categorises similar apps into a cluster. The Picture-in-Picture mode is also going to be a major part of the update.

Here are some additional features of the ios 14.

AirPods can switch between different devices with the help of automatic device switching.

Digital Car keys is a new way to start and unlock the cars without the keys.

Siri now has 20 times more facts and can now send audio messages.

iPad OS 14 gets new features designed specifically for iPad.

Let’s get started with the new handwriting feature with the Apple Pencil. With Scribble for iPad with Apple Pencil, handwritten notes can be automatically converted to typed text on iPad. This can also work with some multiple languages by converting them into text on the iPad.

The new design makes easy for the phone calls and FaceTIme and also interactions with the Siri. Incoming FaceTime and phone calls now appear as a lightweight banner on the top of the screen so they don’t take up the display, making it easy to quickly tap to answer the call or simply dismiss and get right back to work.

Siri now appears at the bottom of the screen just as Google assistant so the users can render the information of the screen seamlessly and gets out of way when using other apps.

Coming to Watch OS 7

Watch Face

The users can download and share the personalized and customisable watch faces through messages, Mail and through App Store and links through websites and social media.

Sleep tracking

It also introduces Sleep Tracking by providing different useful tools to help get a good amount of sleep and make a routine. In the morning the user can view the sleep statistics and also view the chart displaying the weekly sleeping habits.

Handwash Detection

It uses the motion sensors, microphone and machine learning to detect handwashing motions and sounds. It initializes the 20- second count-down timer to wash hands at least for 20 seconds and prompt the user if he finishes too early.


The watch OS 7 adds new workout types including Dance and cooldown. It captures the calories burned during the Dance.


Apple watchOS 7 adds a new feature that reminds the user about the long hearing with high volume thereby notifying the users.

Here comes the final talk…
Apple announced it’s new processors for the upcoming Macs

Since Apple was using intel’s processors for its macs for a long time. It announced it would be using its own silicon. Apple is completely using its own chips to manufacture the computing products.

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