Introduction :-

Despite the fact, that we are Physically detached during this Pandemic Situation, we aren’t socially isolated because of the technology and much appreciated to the digital age we are living in!

What is online meeting?

Online meeting gives face to face real time communication, can meet anyone and anywhere and Saves time and energy, it allows the participants to conduct or attend the meetings through the internet. Online meetings has picked up the gain in the recent years.

Online meeting includes Screen Sharing or desktop Sharing, Whiteboard, Slideshow presentations, Live video Conferencing, recording the meeting, Chatting to the individuals, sharing the files, polls and the Surveys and many more.

In this article, I discussed about the top online Conferencing applications and their Features, Pros and Cons:-

1.Google Meet



4.Microsoft Teams video Conferencing

Google Meet Features :-

4 Best Online Meeting Apps
  • Google Meet is a well developed feature which can be run on browser unlike Zoom, which does not run good in browser.
  • It’s free plan can accept about 100 people.
  • Host can add or remove the participants.
  • You can attach any file to the meet and also from the Google Calendar.
  • You can share the screen to present Slides and documents by showing your entire screen.


  • Unlimited amount of online meetings.
  • Full integration with Google Apps.
  • You can have the meeting for up to 24 hours.
  • Access the app from all the devices.
  • No time limit on calls.
  • No additional fee for call in Participants.
  • Send files through Chat and also the instant messages.


  • The free account is going to cut off your meeting time at 60 minutes.
  • No waiting room is available to participants that join early.
  • Only one person at a time can share their Screen.
  • Google Meet does not have features like Whiteboard and Recording unlike other Applications.
  • You can just access the meet through the Google Chrome Web browser. This isn’t a huge obstacle, but at it can be annoying if you use in the another Browser.

Zoom Features :-

  • Create a new user ID and Password for each online meeting.
  • Create a waiting room in the app so that a user will be able to enter the meeting only when the host gives the permission.
  • Disable join the meeting before hosting
  • Allowing Screen sharing by host only.
  • Disabling “Allow removed participants to re-join”.
  • When all the participants have joined, it has been advised to lock the meeting.
  • Restrict the recording feature.


  • It can be accessed from all the devices
  • It’s free.
  • Able to host up to 100 participants (Free plan).
  • Available to host up to 500 Participants (Paid Plan).
  • Gives access for up to 49 persons on screen as Grid view.
  • Co-Annotation and Screen sharing is available.
  • The participants for meeting can be set in breakout rooms to hold Small group Conversations.
  • Additional Features are also available in paid version.


  • Doesn’t run good in Browser, need to download the App.
  • Time limit is just for 40 minutes (for free plan).
  • Security Problems may arise “Zoom Bombing”.

GoToMeeting Features :-

  • GoToMeeting is a web based video Conferencing tool for group discussions and interactions.
  • It allows you to host online meetings with a maximum of 150 participants on board (Paid plan).
  • It supports instant meeting without any scheduling or Pre planning.

Pros :-

  • Simple and intuitive Interface.
  • Easy instant messaging.
  • Schedule online meetings.
  • Outlook integration.
  • Meeting can be recorded (only done for PC).
  • Screen and application sharing is easy and possible.
  • Attendance reporting is done.
  • Maximum of 15 attendees with the basic plan.


  • It does not have the polls and survey functionally.
  • It doesn’t support large file transfer.

Microsoft Teams video Conferencing features :-

  • Company wide communication and Collaboration platform.
  • Easy to set up and use for Office 365 Customers.
  • Integrated with Azure AD for Security and Configuration.
  • You can switch between voice, text or video chatting in between the interface.

Pros :-

  • Easy to set up.
  • Helpful bots
  • There’s no extra amount for Office 365 users.
  • Chat additions are available.
  • Seamless files search and Collaboration.
  • Can blur the background of our screen.

Cons :-

  • Lack of notifications.
  • Too many similar tools are available.
  • Unnecessary Consumption of storage.
  • A limited number of channels are available.

Conclusion :-

Today, the technology is increasing rapidly, than the older days. The advanced technology facilitates a well developed educational and the commercial sector. Until we worked with the new technology, we can’t fully understand it’s Pros and Cons. All the apps discussed here are easy to set up and can get the access easily. The world is at your fingertips. Each app has its own Pros and Cons, So check your needs and choose the apps wisely!!



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